Facility Management

Facility Management

Facility management is the management of buildings and services. Building Management Systems provides management of current operations, project management, and the management of subcontractor personnel. As a facility management service, it is our duty to ensure that our facilities are operating properly and ready for use.

What BMS can do for you:

Building Management Systems offers a professional facility management service with on-site facility managers, a network of dedicated contractors, and knowledge and experience in every area of construction that can lead to dramatic cost reduction and improved reliability over existing management methods. Building Management Systems offers a customer-oriented approach that establishes a consolidated management program responsible for the care and maintenance of commercial and government properties and their mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. We operate in mission critical environments that cannot experience downtime. Building Management Systems has the ability to manage a project effectively without sacrificing the needs of the business, ensuring that all resources are online and available for necessary business tasks.

Our flexible approach is successful because our services are customized to the needs of the property with adjustable service levels that accommodate to every customer’s needs. Our facility management team has over twenty years of experience managing commercial and government facilities, including experience in maintaining and operating building management software and all sizes of data centers. We have specific experience installing and operating Vertiv (Emerson Liebert) software packages, Site Scan and Aperture, the computational fluid dynamics program for modeling data center airflow, Tile Flow, and other general computerized management software that connects the building to a monitored network that enhances the organization's maintenance abilities.

Our facility managers are always looking for ways to lessen the financial burden of the property by using best-of-trade practices and innovative techniques to reduce the consumption of business resources. Many of our projects that have been completed result in thousands of dollars in annual savings. A few of these projects include the reduction of water usage throughout the property, the adaptation of lighting systems to offer the most benefit, and the installation of monitoring equipment that leads to savings through trending data and mechanical controls. Our ultimate goal, however, is to operate a well-managed facility offering a safe and healthy working environment that promotes good working habits.

Building Management Systems is also very familiar to operating in conjunction with the General Services Administration (GSA) to ensure that governmental projects are completed as stated within the scope of work. Our management staff can act as a mediator between the lessor and lessee, allowing property owners to monitor projects without getting overwhelmed by details while outside commercial and government agencies feel safeguarded by having knowledgeable facility managers on-site.

Contact our Facility Management Team to obtain further details about the services and projects of Building Management Systems, Incorporated.

Critical maintenance issues are typically unscheduled or scheduled at the worst times.

Building Management Systems can be available when you need it most.

Mission-critical environments require a management team who is experienced in high-pressure situations.

Building Management Systems minimizes downtime while controlling costs.

Utility costs are forecasted to rise significantly over the coming years and operational costs will follow.

Building Management Systems can manage electric utility costs and control critical power generation equipment to allow for proper budgeting of services.

The #1 complaint of every office building is customer comfort in the workplace.

Let Building Management Systems take control of the comfort systems such as heating, venting, air conditioning, and humidification and eliminate the complaints.

Life safety cannot be taken lightly or it can result in gross negligence and death.

Building Management Systems monitors and operates fire alarm systems, emergency sprinkler systems, and other life saving components of a building to ensure their proper operation when it is needed most.

Many components of a commercial building are regulated by local authorities to ensure that they are tested and operating correctly.

We ensure that buildings stay in compliance with federal, state, and local mandates and avoid hefty penalties for violations.

Machines have moving parts and electronics which wear and break down over time.

Building Management Systems keeps maintenance up-to-date to avoid unnecessary downtime and more expensive repairs due to deferred maintenance.

Business doesn't stop - so we make sure things keep on going.

Building Management Systems is built for the future and ensures that your building systems are managed for the long haul, including maintenance, budgeting for replacement, and procurement of the appropriate equipment.

Documentation is valuable when working in critical environments.

Poorly documented maintenance procedures can result in unnecessary hardship including the loss of operations.

Materials supplied when they are needed, as they are needed, so that storage and procurement costs are minimal.

Products are individually sourced to provide the best value, delivered to the point of use for ease of implementation, and installed by facility experts to ensure proper operation.

Complete life-cycle and cost planning for all assets of an organization.

Master Planning and operational conditions assessments are performed so that a proper plan and budget can be established for equipment replacement and continuity of operations.


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